Located on level 4 of *SCAPE, HubQuarters aims to provide aspiring youths with facilities and resources to help turn ideas into reality. Our institutional and academic partners, trainers, and guest speakers will provide invaluable advice throughout your journey. Through contributions and collaborations, HubQuarters is the catalyst for your dreams to come true!

*SCAPE supports all levels of youth development through their different stages of growth to realise their aspirations.

  • Entrepreneurship & Start-ups

    *SCAPE provides a series of training programmes to support our enterprising youths in pursuing and realising their entrepreneurial ideas, and to accelerate and support the growth of youth start-ups. The start-ups also get to enjoy access to the open and friendly hot-desking space where they co-work, germinate and exchange ideas, and also build their social capital through networking opportunities. If you are aspiring youth start-up, join the community at HubQuarters now! For enquiries, please click here.

    Start-ups at *Scape

Got an aspiring idea that you want to develop, nurture and realise?

Then *SCAPE HubQuarters is the right place for you! This dedicated space has been set aside for you to experiment, have fun and live your dreams all within a new and exciting ecosystem! Come on up to check it out for yourself!

To find out more about our youth initiatives, visit the HubQuarters reception counter, or drop us an email here.

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