Tattoos are great ways to commemorate special moments in our lives, and they also enable us to express our interests and identities artistically. Getting a tattoo can either be successful or go wrong, and this depends on how much work you put into it. There are some necessary considerations before booking a session with your tattoo artist. Start by looking at your personality and interests and look into which tattoo would fit your appearance. 

Tattoo of a Portrait

When choosing where to place the tattoo, as well as its size, look into your lifestyle which will ensure that the two do not conflict. From that point, you can look into how much money you need and artists who can bring your dream to life. Here is a breakdown on how best to source for tattoo ideas.

Get some ideas on design


There are numerous sources which can help you come up with a view of which tattoo is best for you. In this way, you can add some of the information gathered to your existing knowledge to help you come up with something unique. You can also opt for timeless tattoos such as roses.


At present, many people rely on the internet for information regarding many aspects of life, and that includes artistic ideas. There are many tattoo images online under various galleries, just like this one. Going through such image banks will help you decide on which design works best for you and you can narrow down your research to such images. Create a folder on your computer where you can save these files for later viewing as you come to a decision. 


There are many awesome tattoo designs which do not make their way to online galleries, and you can find them at tattoo shops. Visit some of the renowned tattoo shops and go through their binders to give you an idea of what their artists can do. Some shops also have their best designs on their websites, and you can go through this too as you decide on which image best reflects what you want out of your tattoo.

Consult with an expert

Going through some of your ideas with a tattoo artist whose work you like is an excellent way to improve on your designs as you discuss possible concepts. During such a session, the artist will look into your images and your preferred configurations and figure out which idea works best for you. The artist will also look into where you want the tattoo to gauge whether the designs can work.

Sample ideas you can work with

Important occasions


Tattoo of numbers

You can commemorate special events by having the artist draw the day of the incident on you in the form of regular text or numerals. Artists have a way of adding artistic flair to even the simplest of events, and the result should please you if you choose a good artist.


If you wish to honor a loved one, you can do so by getting a tattoo of their picture. Be sure to get an artist with much experience in drawing portraits so that you end up with something that looks great. Portrait tattoos can also help you honor celebrities, and personal heroes. As such, be open-minded as you go along this route.


You can honor your loved ones by getting a tattoo of their name, cushioned by something which relates to their personality. Supposing you want to honor your father who enjoyed gardening, you can have his name tattooed with a rose to the side. When it comes to significant others, it’s always a good idea to see whether the relationship materializes before getting a tattoo of their name. 

You can also choose a tattoo which reflects your interests or one that is classic. As you do so, be sure to get an artist who is good at their job as this will save you from incurring costs of covering up in the future. 

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