Writer James Altucher came up with a 10 ideas a day system and his approach has taken over the world by a storm. People have often had ideas crop up in their minds, and they would suppress such thoughts and move through life as if the opinions did not exist. But here’s the thing. Writing down at least ten ideas a day is a great way to transform your mind, and after practicing this for a few months, you will attest to being an entirely different being. 

Many people have gone down this route, and they attribute the positive changes in their lives to the idea generation. Many people limit idea generation to when they are embarking on business operations. However, idea generation is essential for a large number of other reasons and here are some motivators behind the ten idea system.

3650 ideas

With ten ideas a day, you will have come up with 3650 ideas in a year. In leap years, you will be looking at 3660 concepts which are an abundance of wealth as all these ideas can transform into something profitable. There are days when your list will have ideas which cannot materialize, but one thing that you ought to keep in mind is that there are no bad ideas when it comes to generation. Many successful people at present started off with ideas which people saw as crazy, yet these thoughts propelled them to where they are.  

Of all the concepts in your possession, some of them will be fantastic and will push you to the next level. Even when you implement one and get income from it, do not stop your train of thoughts; and always be on the lookout for how you can progress even further. 

A world of opportunities

A world of opportunities

Sometimes, we get stuck in life as we become accustomed to what we know, having shut off other possibilities. This rigidity works against us and puts us in positions where we tend to remain stagnant in many aspects of our life such as socially and financially. With an open mind, you get to see other ways in which you can enrich people’s lives and where else you can source income. These fresh ideas will ensure that you always have a way out and many opportunities awaiting you at the end of your list. 

You will also observe a change in how you view your life. Knowing that there are many unexplored options out there gives you a reason to work harder at your goals. It also gives you the courage to face many life situations as you know that you can always come up with another way to deal with your issues. In time, people will look at you as a person whom they can count on for brainstorming when things get tough. 

Increased energy

Many people who use the ten ideas system acknowledge that mornings were tough times for them before they begun the practice. At first, coming up with different ideas each day will seem like a hassle. However, over time you start to look forward to jotting down your thoughts, and this interest makes your mornings a pleasant time. Sharing your thoughts with other people also does wonders for you psychologically, and you will be bursting with energy each time you help someone out of a fix. 


Not having ideas makes you a servant to other people’s needs. Take an example of someone working in a company where the working conditions are not favorable. Such a person may be feeling miserable, but with no ideas on how to enrich their lives, they will stick to the job and endure the conditions. Concepts provide you with options such that you can quit what you are doing because you know that you deserve better than what you have and you know how to get the satisfaction you need. 

You also get to learn more about yourself and the world in the process, and the entire process is wholesome. 

How can you get started on this process?

Getting a good idea is easy, and people have them all the time. However, great ideas come about less frequently, and a lot of work goes towards their generation. For this reason, the ten ideas system makes sense as you can always go back and filter your ideas accordingly. Here are a few techniques to get your train of thoughts working. 


There are many ways in which you can observe what’s going on around you ranging from hanging out at the mall, taking a walk, basking in the park or playing games at the best online casinos. It is at such times that you can see things that you have not before such as the need for a commodity in the market. Socializing with different people also helps you see the world from other people’s perspectives. This exposure can introduce you to a new way of thinking which can, in turn, help you come up with a variety of ideas. 

Reach out of your comfort zone

Reach out of your comfort zone

Reading books and surfing the web are sure ways to get some inspiration. Break away from your norm and go for materials that you would not read under different circumstances. In this way, you will get to see what other people are doing, the challenges out there and ways in which you can make a difference. Don't belive me? Check out this article writen by The Wall Street Journal.  


Write down all your ideas on a daily basis. A journal is an excellent way to do this, and you can always refer to your notes in future for inspiration. 

Body and Mind

Exercising your body helps in keeping your brain alert. As such, engage in physical exercises as well as meditation and resting to help open up your understanding to other experiences.  

The most important thing to do in idea generation is to have an open mind. It is only through this that you can see the opportunities that lie ahead. All the best of luck in your ideas!