There are tons of simple ways in which you can make money in your spare time. Below are some quick ways to do so.

No-risk matched betting

Many people think of this as the easiest way to make lots of money legally, and many students get some hundreds of pounds from the venture now and then. The system is efficient in that you will not break the law while doing so and you will not face any risks in the process. What’s more, the proceeds from this kind of betting are not subject to tax, and thus, you can keep the money you make. Here is how it works. 

Most betting sites often offer free bets to their users, and this is where the opportunity lies. By taking one of those free chances and matching them, you bet for and against a given outcome, thus ensuring that you get something from it. Given the number of online betting sites available on the web, you can quickly make hundreds of pounds from the comfort of your home.

Online Betting

Betting Online can ear you money.

There are many betting sites in which you can place a wager and cash out considerable amounts of money which will go a long way in helping you meet your financial needs. Betting companies offer varying odds and researching on the same will help you get the most out of your money. It is always prudent to use of statistics when placing bets so that you can have an idea of what you stand to lose if things do not work out.


There are lots of online poker sessions where you can try your luck and hopefully win big in the end. Thanks to the abundance of options, you can try out as many games as you wish before finding one that works for you. The lack of tips and commuting costs also helps you have more money with which you can place a wager.

Scratch cards

 Scrac cards can make you a milionare

Scratch cards are easy to play, and that’s not all. They also come with the added benefit that a card worth ten cents can generate thousands of dollars and this makes them very popular in the gambling world. They are cheap and are available around the clock, thus making them easy to access. They are especially loved as their cheapness ensures that you do not face financial risks in the course of your playing, unlike most forms of betting.


Surveys are quite easy to perform, and many companies offer people a chance to fill such forms for a small fee. Though the cash rewards for each study may not be much, the cumulative amount tends to be quite tidy. As such, many students, as well as people looking to make some money on the side, turn to these cash-making methods now and then. The good thing is that you only require an internet connection to complete the surveys and no complex knowledge is necessary.

Online stock markets

Gone are the times when the stock market world was only accessible by those trading in Wall Street. Presently, anyone can invest in such assets, and all you need is an internet connection and access to an online market trading platform. It takes a few hours to get the hang of things and soon, you can dip your toe into the pool and see what this world has in store for you. Before venturing into this, be sure to conduct extensive research on these markets. Where the returns are high, the risks are also many, and you could end up losing your money fast. 


There are ways in which you can generate an income even when you are not working, and one of these methods is starting a site. Starting a website is quite easy, and you can have it set up in less than an hour. With a few plugins here and there, you should receive adequate traffic to help you make more from your site. Websites vary such that you can host a blog, sell products or other services with which you have an interest. What’s more, the more traffic that you receive, the higher the chances of companies seeking you out so that you can promote their products on your site.

You can also venture into affiliate marketing where you get to promote people’s products on your page and earn some commission while doing so. The more action you get on your site, the higher the chances that someone will order a product through a link on your page, thus earning you money in the process.


Working part time delivey job can earn you extra money

Many companies are always hiring people to make deliveries on their behalf, and all you require to qualify are a smartphone and a bike. Look into fast-food chains and other such establishments, and you will soon land a job which you can do in your spare time and get some money on the side.


If you are passionate about writing, you can always work on a book and publish it on the Kindle store. Non-fiction books do best on this site, and they enable you to educate others on matters such as job hunting, practical skills and other areas in which they have an interest. The proceeds from your sales which are usually seventy percent on average will enable you to cover the cost of your bills, you can even build your own website where you can sell your books.

Money-making ideas are in plenty, and one or more of these are bound to help you make a tidy sum for a very little capital outlay. The best of luck to you!