Youtube channel Ideas

Are you looking to start a YouTube channel or add some thoughts to your already existing one? Here are some concepts which can help you out; and they range from general to gaming all the way to education.

General concepts


Introducing yourself to your viewers is a great way to connect to them. You can start with an overall video regarding who you and what you do before getting into exciting tidbits you would like to share.


Many people make videos regarding their opinions on things, and this is something of which you can take advantage. Say someone gave people advice regarding a product that you have used and you differ with them as to what they said, then you can come up with a video explaining your difference in opinion. 


Vloggers are successfull on YouTube

This form of media has become very popular over time and is an excellent way for your viewers to keep up with what is happening in your life. However, be sure to diversify your videos such that people have more than one option when viewing your content.

Other general concepts include challenge videos, reviews, lists and product reviews. You are bound to find something to which you can relate.

The best vlogger hands down has to be Casey Neistat, watch a couple of his videos and I'm sure you will want to get filming right away.


There are many ways in which you can relate to your viewers in gaming. Take a look.

Raw plays

Playing popular games is an easy way to get some attention

Sometimes, people get a game which they are unable to play and thus, they seek videos as to how to go about playing. As such, you can post a video where you are playing the game to help viewers get an understanding of the rules and tricks. You don’t have to edit or make any additions to the video, and it is an easy way to get some attention.


You can better aid your viewers by giving them a walkthrough of various stages in a game. In this way, they will learn how to get past challenges that they have been facing during gameplay, and they will appreciate your efforts. You can do this for every game which players often find to crack and soon, you will have the following you want.


People are often skeptical when buying games as they do not want to buy something which they will not enjoy. Giving a thorough review of favorite games will make your channel hot, mainly if you provide accurate information.

Other gaming concepts include trivia, comparisons between games and discussions regarding game developers.

Education Videos

People are always looking for ways in which they can become self-sufficient and save some bucks in the process. Here are some steps in which you can help them achieve this.


Post recipes where you show people how to make various delicacies, and you will soon have a good following. Ensure that the recipes you post are accurate such that people can quickly follow them and come up with the desired outcomes.

Your life

You can get into what you do for a living and what aspects of it you consider fun. If you are looking to be educational, you can get into how your career came to be by going back in history. You can also discuss what you are passionate about and why.

Math tutorials

How good are you at math? If you excel in the field, you can create videos where you provide simple formulas to help people grasp difficult concepts. You can start with the basics and build up from that point. Other concepts include magic tricks and discussions.

Ensure that the erudition you provide is accurate. In this way, you will not end up gaining a bad reputation and misleading people in the process. All the best of luck!

After you start your youtube channel and you gain some popularity, you will need a website where you can sell your merch.